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Tallowwood – Plant Spotlight

Eucalyptus microcorys, commonly known as Tallowwood is a fast growing gum tree that can grow up to 70 metres in height. Tallowwood is a staple in the koalas diet particularly in the Queensland and New South Wales regions.

Koalas aren’t the only wildlife that enjoy this species. Bees, nectar-eating birds, flying foxes and possums all enjoy the flowers produced by this stunning gum tree, making it a fantastic addition to your Habitat garden if you can accommodate for larger trees.

Tallowwood bark has a spongy texture and is reddish-brown in colour, revealing an orange colour underneath its soft, flaky surface.

Quick Facts

HEIGHT: 40 – 70 metres

FLOWERS: White/Lemon yellow

BEST USE: Shade tree and wildlife habitat tree

LIGHT: 80 – 100% sun

FROST: Can tolerate frost

SOIL: Can tolerate most soil types likes good drainage

ATTRACTS: Koalas, bees, possums, flying foxes, nectar-eating birds

RANGE: New South Wales and Queensland


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