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Complete Environmental & Landscape Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of services dedicated to enhancing outdoor environments while championing sustainability and overall well-being.

Our landscaping services encompass expert design and implementation to create stunning outdoor spaces. Through playscapes, we craft imaginative and secure play areas tailored for children’s exploration and enjoyment.




Playscapes & Playgrounds

We specialise in creating playscapes and playgrounds, offering a nature-inspired approach to outdoor play with custom-designed features and sustainable materials. Our focus is on fostering imaginative exploration and environmental awareness, providing children with holistic and sensory-rich experiences in outdoor settings.


With our landscape services, we blend creativity, sustainability, and expertise to transform outdoor spaces into stunning environments. From custom design to installation, we craft landscapes that reflect your vision while prioritising sustainable practices.

Environmental Services

At Gadd Group, we provide comprehensive environmental consulting and management services tailored to address diverse needs, including bush regeneration and erosion management. Our services revolve around restoring and managing bushland, combating invasive species, and nurturing native plant growth. Furthermore, we excel in erosion management strategies aimed at safeguarding against soil erosion and preserving natural landscapes.

Gardening Services

Our gardening services offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs, including lawn maintenance, pruning, shaping, training and pest control. From routine upkeep to specialised projects, we ensure your outdoor space remains healthy, beautiful, and thriving.

Zoological & Wildlife Services

Discover our Zoological and Wildlife Services, specializing in habitat restoration through installations like hollows, nesting boxes, and ponds, as well as wildlife management with consultation and Koala Fodder plantation oversight. We also provide expertise in constructing multi-species enclosures, food cutting, and facilitating animal catchups, all aimed at fostering conservation efforts for native species and their habitats.

Natural Ponds & Pools

Gadd group offers expertly crafted aquatic habitats, including ponds, natural pools, pondless waterfalls and water features. Our designs seamlessly integrate with your surroundings, ensuring a natural and harmonious appearance while minimising maintenance.

Habitat Gardens

We create thriving wildlife gardens that enhance biodiversity and serve as sanctuaries for Australia’s native flora and fauna. Our designs incorporate bird, butterfly, and bee-attracting plants, alongside aquatic features and natural elements. Transform your landscape into a wildlife haven.

Therapeutic & Sensory Gardens

Discover the beauty of our therapeutic & sensory gardens services, where we specialise in designing and constructing healing outdoor spaces. With attention to detail and a caring approach, we bring your vision to life, creating tranquil environments that promote well-being.

Transform Your Outdoor Space Today

Our expert team will create stunning landscapes that enhance your property and connect you with nature.

Our Streamlined Process

Working with Gadd Group is a seamless experience. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, from the initial consultation to the final project completion.



Meet with our landscaping designer to discuss your vision, requirements, and budget. Conduct an assessment of the site to understand its current state and any specific considerations.



Develop a tailored plan that reflects your preferences and integrates necessary elements. Consider environmental factors and select appropriate features or plants to enhance the space.



Execute the plan with precision and attention to detail. Install features or plants thoughtfully to achieve the desired aesthetic or functionality.


Our Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our landscaping services.

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