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How To Create A Haven For Wildlife In Your Backyard

More than ever, we are aware of the challenges our Native wildlife are facing. People want to do all they can to help save our unique array of Native Australian animals which are struggling to survive. There are so many ways that you can help, creating a Native wildlife Habitat garden in your backyard is one of them.

If you are thinking of doing a garden makeover and are not sure where to start, why not go with a Native Habitat Garden? The opportunities are endless! Not only will you have an aesthetically stunning garden, but you can help to provide shelter, food and water to a variety of Native Wildlife species at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if you have a very small amount of space or a huge amount of space. There are options for everyone! You could include one or all the below options into your garden at home:

Butterfly Garden: A variety of the perfect mix of native shrubs, trees, grasses and ground covers will provide Food plants for caterpillars and shelter for eggs. Some Butterfly favourites include Native Mulberry, Finger lime and Emu- foot (native pea).

Bee Garden: Native bees are stingless; a native beehive would make a wonderful addition to your Habitat garden. It is important to support the bees with a regular food supply including a variety of native plants throughout the year. Some bee favourites include Banksia, Bottle Brush, Lilly Pilly and Tea Tree.

Frog Pond: Location, logs, rocks and correct plants are just some of the considerations for a healthy frog pond. It is important to have a pesticide free garden to ensure frogs don’t soak any harmful pesticide through their porous skin. Frog pond tipput solar lights next to your pond to attract flying insects for frogs to eat.

Bird and small mammal shelter: Carefully placed possum, glider and bird boxes can provide a safe and secure option for a variety of species to shelter in. Consider the types of wildlife you want to attract to your garden and ensure you plant the correct food source for them.

If you are interested in incorporating any of the above options into your garden, Gadd landscape Solutions can help. We specialise in Habitat Gardens and will work with you to create a stunning Wildlife haven in your backyard. We will consider multiple factors including your location and the species of wildlife found there when choosing the perfect native plants for your Habitat Garden.

Tip for Wildlife: Please remember to protect the native animals you attract to your garden by being responsible pet owners. For tips on keeping wildlife safe from domestic animals please visit https://www.environment.gov.au/resource/protecting-our-wildlife-responsible-pet-ownership


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